Questions concerning the law of harmony and the relativity of the fundamental vibration of the universe

Q: How is the vibration relativity of an entity maintained at a constant level when the vibration of the Father increases continuously?
A: The Father tries to maintain constant the vibration relativity of an entity through the personal self of the entity (see the 6th law), because the bond of the Father with the personal self of the entity is continual and permanent. In this manner, the increase of the vibration of the Father is transmitted to each entity. By taking account of this permanent adjustment, the vibration relativity should be constant all the way through life. This is not always the case because humans, who are also creators themselves, can, using their free will, act in a way that increases or decreases their vibration relativity. If a correction of the vibration relativity becomes necessary, the Father will act through the personal self.

Q: How is the vibration relativity of an entity modified during the movement of the entity from a location with a certain vibration to a location with a different vibration? : Cum se modifica relativitatea vibrationala a unei entitati la deplasarea ei dintr-un loc cu o anumita vibratie intr-un loc cu o vibratie diferita ?
A: Each entity in a place from the Creation zone/area has a certain vibration relativity. If it must move in another place, then its relative vibration is granted by the Father for his adaptation to this place and also means that its identity is changed. If a higher entity comes on the Earth to achieve a mission, its relative vibration compared to the Father is modified only on the physical and mental structures, the vibration relativity of the higher structures does not change. The interface of mental soul is related with the vibration relativity (the interface is the free will). The higher structures do not decrease their vibration, therefore a high entity is not affected, but it is in suffering till the moment when it finalizes its mission.

This derives from the principle that you never lose a thing you just acquired only if you destroy or erode it with your own will. The Father helps the humans all the time by granting their vibrations to the vibration of the place where they live, because He loves the humans and He does not destroy his Creation.

Q: Does the safety of the soul imply traversing the entire hierarchy of vibrations?
A: No . Each one is created for a certain purpose, mission and it must improve in this direction there. That does not involve traversing all the levels of vibration.

Questions with the law of the relativity and the density of the light


Q: When can the relativity of the light of an entity change?
A: According to the place where it goes and of the mission it has, an entity receives a certain loading of light, which can be expressed or not, depending on its free will. So during this mission, the Father increases His loading of light, He increases also the loading of light of the entity, by the mechanism of personal self (see the 6th law), to maintain constant the relativity of the light. When the entity finishes its mission and starts from the respective place, it keeps for a while the same relativity of the light to be able to analyse what he had made during the last life. When the entity is again put in the file/queue for incarnation, its relativity of the light is increased with a certain quantity, to be able to traverse certain stages and see several alternatives for incarnation. The moment of the incarnation is a new moment of creation: again a new soul is created, the entity receives a new loading of light according to the vibration relativity of the of the place of birth. It is significant to retain that the relativity of the light is a component which is charged and is given by the Father.

Q: One speaks about the Manifested Holy Spirit and the Lucrative Holy Spirit
A: The Holy Spirit becomes Manifest at the time when He is a creator and He gives the life, therefore at the moment when the Father (through the Holy Spirit) loads the entity with the light. The Holy Spirit is Lucrative at the time when It accompanies and advises the entity during all his life.

Q: How can an entity modify its density of the light?
A: The density of the light represents "spiritual clothing". As the relativity of the light is maintained constant by the Father while the loading of light of the Father increases continuously, then the loading of light of an entity increases also in agreement with the loading of the Father. To express this loading, the entities must increase their density of the light all the time. Each structure can interpose its own barriers in the manifestation of the light, therefore it is necessary to act on the level of each structure: its virtues should be cultivated, positive emotions should be emanated, a lot of good deeds should be made. If one succeeds in removing the multitude of thoughts from the rational structure, the rational becomes more permeable for the manifestation of the relativity of the light in the form of the density of the light. The entities which are not incarnated have a density of a larger light because they have not the physical structure and the barriers this interposes.

Questions about the law of the relative dynamic balance of the universe  


Q: What does the place of an entity represent in the Creative Body of the Father?
A: Each entity is part of the Father, of His Creative Body and it has something specific which represents its place in the Body of the Father. Throughout evolution, an entity remains in the same place of the Body of the Father, but the vibration, the perception of the physical parameters is made with another measurement. Human entity also changes its aspect following evolution.

Q: How could we have avoided the experiences from the Laws of the good-evil alternation?
A: We could have prevented them if we did not have the desire to try out these Laws directly. The Personal self of the Father (see the 6th law) can provide us all information on these experiments. We wanted to experiment in a material form (the knowledge tree, Eve, the apple). We could have learnt in the Father but we preferred to know in a direct way. In this manner we couldn't subject ourselves to only one Law of Love and Personal self anymore.

After the first immersion in the material was done, certain necessary corrections were made to carry out the cyclicity and the return in the Father. We still have the bond with the Collective Self, which can give us all information. Thus the Father maintains two alternatives all the time: in each moment one can choose to learn by Collective Self or by experimentation.

The way of happiness and the way of suffering exist at same time. Each one made his choice. This is not an obligation to pass by all the cycles. Each one selected exactly what he wants to make in the respective life. The way of suffering is chosen by the entities, which decreases their relative dynamic balance during several incarnations. They will increase their relative dynamic balance by suffering.

There are also entities in the Father who chose not to test in the material but to know through the Self of the Father.

Q: What happens with the entities who leave the Laws of harmony because of the decrease in their relative dynamic balance?

A: These entities always exist in the Father, they are not separated from the Father and they still have the bonds with the Father by Personal self. The help of the Father also appears towards the entities who are outside the beneficial verses of the Father. These entities do not want to express the Father, they do not want to take delivery of and express the love.

I Q: How is the relative dynamic balance of an entity who finishes its mission on Earth, returns to the Father and then returns with another mission modified?
A: The entity has on Earth a relative dynamic balance with values between 0,1 and 0,2, because of the physical and rational structures. Without these structures, the relative dynamic balance is higher, probably of 7,4 till 8,2, on this level where the entity is attracted after having finished its mission. In the following life, the entity cannot receive a mission which requires a relative dynamic balance higher than the balance expressed at the time of its last life. So, the entity must increase its balance during his incarnated state.

Q: How can an entity modify its relative dynamic balance during his incarnated state?

A: By refining these structures, by expressing love. In each entity, the way towards the manifestation of the relative dynamic balance to 1 is open. The greatest number of blockings appears in the physical body, in its lower half. It is necessary to grant more attention to the physical body. It is necessary to release the physical structure of all waste, because otherwise one is not achieving the refinement of the other structures. The majority of the Masters and the schools of spirituality have daily physical exercises to maintain the physical structure with a certain vibration. Another example is in the Christian religion: the alternative of ascetics who keep the entity far from temptations and in communion with nature.

The manifestation of love helps also increase the relative dynamic balance because the result of the feelings from life intervenes in this relative dynamic balance through the Personal self.

Q: How is the "no-claims bonus" perceived by the entities whose relative dynamic balance decreased?

A: Each entity has light, love and information from the Father inside. The decreasing of the relative dynamic balance means that the entity blocks this light on certain structures, it does not express it (for example on the physical structure: the concern, fear). The "no-claims bonus" means that for the moment some of these blockings are eliminated. If the entity realises and is corrected, it will remain in this state, otherwise it will lose the help. The "no-claims bonus" can be granted only by the Divinity and us, humans, can help someone only by speaking to him. The arbitrarily elimination of blockings from another person (even with the best intentions) can be prejudicial to the respective person because he is probably not prepared for that.