Practicing the harmony laws

The state of absolute universal conscience

     Living this state makes it possible to communicate with all the Verses of the Father. In this state, you will start to feel that you live each of the seven laws of the universal harmony. As soon as you feel that you live each law within your universe, nothing will be able to erase this information any more, and the operation of this law will be triggered automatically.

In order to live the state of absolute universal conscience we should traverse the following stages:

•  relax deeply and completely, and visualize around you the sea of white-blue light, which contains peace and total tranquillity

•  descend your intellect in the heart

•  make an extension of the upper part of your body, from the "blue chakra" (located in the zone of the neck), on the silver line, until you feel the connection with the centre of universe. You will feel that in the Sahastrara ("will chakra" located at top of the head), which will no longer be in your body, but far in the universe

•  make the extension of the remainder of your body to try to contain in you the whole universe and the universe contains you. Each one of your cells belongs to each cell of the universe, and each cell of the universe belongs to each one of your cells. Make this extension by keeping the integrity of your structures, of your bodies, of your cells, because at the beginning we are not able to be recomposed if we dissipate ourselves. Feel as the universe circulates in you, and you circulate in the universe, that the constellations and your organs are all tools of the Father. It is a state of good, of universality.

•  feel now as the basic pulsation of the universe becomes your own pulsation. The heart and the blood - which is carrying the Holly Spirit and contains life become a unit with the Father and their pulsations are all the time granted to the fundamental pulsation of the Father. Feel all that occurs in you and let it occur, in peace and tranquillity. In the beginning you will feel a light pain in the heart, which appears so that the heart is set again to the fundamental vibration of the Father. Hear and feel this vibration because it will give you the connection with the pulsation of the Celestial Father. If this state belongs to you and if you feel this state continuously or most of the time, your heart and your blood will be in communication and communion with the Celestial Father. You will continuously receive from Him information and energies. Listen to this information and experience, practice them. Let all these things happen in you, make this correlation.

•  be conscious of the presence of your lungs which also make the extension in the whole universe (the head remains connected to the Centre of the universe). Now feel that your inspiration and your expiration become a unit with the inspiration and the expiration of the universe. Feel that each planet, each constellation, each solar system inspires and expires in the same rhythm as you and the rhythm of the Celestial Father. Breathe and you will feel the universe breathing with you. Breathe on.

•  the third connection (first is with the heart, the second with the lungs) is the connection of your vital "chakra" and of your genitals with the Creative Energy of the Father. Your body is in extension in the whole universe and the universe contains you. Feel as your vital "chakra" becomes the whole red which exists in the universe. It absorbs from and it also gives to the universe. The vital energy of the universe is your vital energy and it is the Creative Infinite Red Energy of the Father. You feel this, as your red energy is the same one as the energy of the universe, which is like a sea of red which enters and leaves, which feeds you and that you feed too.

•  While you feel the sea of red which nourishes you, establish the link with your heart and blood, and then with the lungs too. The union of these three elements which you tuned in with the universe and with the Father determines creation in you: all your organization, with each cell, has the pulsation, breathes and lives in the same rhythm with the universe and the Father. Each cell is regenerated. Live this state.

Bring back your body, which is in extension in the whole universe, with the form and dimensions that your Higher Self knows, but keep the pulsation of the universe in each cell.