The Harmony and the Fundamental Vibration Relativity Law of the Universe (Law 1)

     The harmony law is the first manifestation of the celestial Father in His creative order, when He became manifest in a place of the Universe. This place, in the fundamental relation with its Creator, reached a position of well defined relativity of this place vibration, compared to the Father fundamental vibration. This relativity dependent between the respective vibration of the place and the fundamental vibration of the Creator will remain the same the entire period of existence of this created place. The entities which populate this place must strive to maintain, by their individual harmony, this relativity of the vibration compared to the vibration of the Creator. In the moment when the lack of balance of the vibration relativity of the respective place decreases with more than thirty fundamental light units, this place is isolated like a Father workspace and it receives the necessary assistance to make this correction of vibration in relativity compared to the Creator.
 The place named Earth was given two such assistances. We are in the situation to grant the third help to you, which does not have the value of thirty but only twelve corrective units, which are necessary for you to bring you to the corresponding vibration to your place in this moment of development of your universe. The other two assistances were thirty, respectively twenty-eight units that you, the human ones, waste them. Corrections were also made for other civilizations but these understood the Divine Laws more quickly.
     The conclusion of this law that you must retain is: Each individual entity of a certain place of the creation zone of the Father has his own vibration relativity compared to the vibration of the Creative Father; the entity is identified in this manner. Each individual incarnated entity has the duty, as from the Creation, and it has all the arguments necessary, to increase its relative vibration compared to the Creator. It is the thing most pleasant to the Celestial Father.
For the majority of you entities of the Earth, the relative vibration compared to the Creative Father is lower. The entities which have their relative vibration compared to the Creator lower with more thirty-three units are eliminated from the Earth. For you, the human ones, those thirty-three units have the significance of the thirty-three years of Jesus Christ as entity named by you.

The Virgin Mary:

     My children, the essence of this first law is that each one of you has the duty to grant himself, all the time, to the vibration at which the Celestial Father has created him. Jesus has told you several times the example of the multiplication of the “talents”. This is the significance of this example: One gave you a certain number of “talents” in the vibration relativity compared to the Father; those “talents” must be multiplied, neither hidden nor spent. What you are asking in the prayer left to you by Jesus "Our daily bread" is indeed your tuning with the vibration relativity compared to the Creative Father.

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