Law of the Harmony and the Universal Love (Law3)

     The law of the harmony and the universal love is the Law which emanates directly from the Celestial Creator Father. It is the only Law among the universal harmony Laws that the Father manifests by the direct bond with all of His Creation.
It is defined as " Law of the harmony and the universal love ": The emanation of the Creative Father towards His Creation, which gives life to Its Creation through the Holy Spirit and which, by continual emanation, maintains this life.
“The universal love " is defined as: the creative essence of the Father which manifests in His Creation. It is the permanent bond since Creation and until the return in the place of the Creation of the entity which receives and which manifests this Universal Love. The Celestial Father manifests the Universal Love in an infinity of structures which define Him as creative entity. The universal love emanates from the Celestial Father like a creative manifested entity of His fundamental energies. The reserve of universal love of the Celestial Father is infinite and it manifests in all His creation, in a continuously increasing way, on each particular structure of each personal creation of the Celestial Father. The modulation of the universal love is made by the Creative Celestial Father on each structure of the entity created from each verse of the Father. The modulation of the universal love is made for each specific entity created with its informational and energy personal code. It is the universal love, it is the capacity of the Father to maintain the life like forms of His creation all the time, since the Creation and until the return of the entity in the fundamental place of Creation.
One defines " the quanta of universal love " as: Quantity of the Father Love which can be absorbed by each entity created, by each particular structure.
One defines " the capacity of the entity to manifests the universal love " as: Quantity of universal Father love which is absorbed and manifested on each structure of the respective incarnated entity.
These two concepts were clarified for you, the human beings, for the better understanding of the barriers than you put in your structures at the manifestation of the Universal Father Love in you. Normally, the entities starting from a certain energy level in the verses of the Father absorb and manifest this universal love continuously, in the same quantity as the Celestial Father bestowed upon them. The concept of quantity here is equal ad infinitum. The entities of the Gold Town have the capacity to manifest the universal love infinitely. It is that the way of return in the Celestial Father, which you, the human beings, call the “salvation of the soul”.
I draw attention to the fact that this universal love must be manifested by all the structures that the Celestial Father gave to you in this incarnation. It is false to consider that a structure is higher than another. All the structures that the Father gave to you must manifest the infinite universal love. The obstacles which you manifest onto your structures lead you through direct attraction towards the zone which manifests the same quantity of universal love as you do. This thing proves to you that you are your own judges, without needing the intervention of Divine Justice. His intervention is made only in cases of exception.
The entity Earth has a deficiency in the manifestation of the Universal Love of 34 units compared to what it should have as a planet of this rank. The consumption of the Universal Love without direct manifestation is due to the existing human civilization on the Earth. On the level of human civilization, the limits of manifestation by incarnated structures of the Universal Love are 0.2 and 98.1 % compared to what the Celestial Father would like for this plan of manifestation of His Creative Universal Love. According to the manifested quantities, one defines also the harmony of the place where one is.
One defines " the harmony of the place " as: The coming closer to the quantity of love manifested from the infinite Universal Love, by each particular place, compared to the requirement of the Father for this place. The higher the vibration of the place is, the higher the harmony is and the Universal Love can manifest freely in this place of manifestation of the Creative Father. The discordance of a place is equivalent with the expulsion of the Universal Love of this place, which implicitly will bring the death of creation in this place, even if life still exists there or not, because the withdrawal of love, indeed the expulsion of the Universal Love from this place, brings also the withdrawal of the Holy Spirit and implicitly the withdrawal of the life from this place of creation. The respective place becomes haunted by information and energies without life, which can be handled by any entity for its personal benefit, which implicitly brings the death of the entities which make these operations. We are speaking now about the manifestations outside of the Beneficial Verse of the Father, which require a correction with regard to the Universal Love and also with regard to the harmony of these places.
The Celestial Father by His Will could express in all the places of His Creation the necessary value of Universal Love, but with the free will of the manifest entities in the places of Creation, the Celestial Father decided to leave room for free experimentation of the manifestation of different quantities of the absolute love, so that the incarnated entities would become conscious of the value of this manifestation.
I exposed to you some aspects which define the Harmony and the Universal Love and moreover I exemplified them to you for your comprehension. The Universal Manifest Love of the Father is an infinite concept, which is expressed continuously by the Celestial Father like His emanation. The higher entities are accustomed with this emanation and they endeavour to have their own emanation towards the Celestial Father. You will have to learn this exercise of the emanation of the Universal Love, which brings to harmony both the incarnated entities and the places of the Father's Creation. I gave you several examples to make the comprehension of these things easier because the higher entities understand and perceive these things in an easier manner.

The Virgin Mary:

You heard, my children, what the Celestial Father wanted to raise in the Law of the Harmony and the Universal Love. It is rather difficult for you to understand the thing which represents the creative essence of the Father, essence which He himself expresses in all His Creation, but Jesus gave you the stakes of this way of return to the Father, when He visited you in incarnated state.

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