The law of the Harmony and the Knowledge of Personal Self and the Common Collective Self from the Verses of the Father (Law 6)

    The Law of the Harmony and the Knowledge of the Personal self is emanated by the Celestial Father so that His creation knows its personal self and also for Its knowledge, His Own knowledge, by the personal self of Its creation.

Personal self is defined as: the totality of energy and the information allocated by the Celestial Father with each entity at its creation as well as the result of all the experiments carried out by the respective entity in an incarnated state in a certain life.

The collective self or the cumulated entities with a level of pre-human evolution is defined as: the totality of information and energies of the Father introduced into a community of the entities created with a certain mission in an incarnation by the Celestial Father.

One also defines Collective, the Self of creative entities defined by the Father like self-creative entities in His interior and which are the model of all civilizations, as Self Collective or COMMON through which Celestial Father defines the method of return to the Single and Infinite Creative Self. The Single and Infinite Creative Self is part of the Creative Father which is manifested, creative and hard-working, infinite and in a continual expansion and which defines the creation of the Father in all his complexity. One tried to express in simple words the Infinite Creative Self of the Father defined as a model for the Personal Self of each entity separately.

The Personal Self of the incarnated entities contains information of the Infinite Personal Self of the Creative Father like the Infinite Creative Self, specific for each incarnated self. In the same way, the Common or Collective Self is defined in agreement with the model that Jesus gave concerning the copy of the existence Above with the existence Below. The Infinite Creative Self marked an information in each collective self that declares the existence of the Infinite Collective Creative Self as being the Wise Council of the Sage Entities of the Father, which have the role to raise and to educate the collective or common self of each civilization.

One defines as acquired common self as the totality of information, the energy and tested information of a civilization located at a certain level and row in the hierarchical development of the verses of the Father. This definition of common self of a civilization gives the possibility of immediate correction starting from the level of Infinite Creative Common Self onto the self which has an energy or informational deviation created by the deviation of the emotional body of this common self.

The wish of the Celestial Father is for the making of the greatest possible number of models of collective self at the level of civilizations on Earth, and at the level of the families, which will determine a direct bond with the Infinite Creative Common Self of the Wise Entities of the Father and, by this bond, the improvement of collective self of each family on Earth. By realizing these small models of the collective self in a family, one will arrive at the union of these in one common self of a civilization with a higher level of evolution. In the same way, this mechanism also applies to the personal self in direct contact and without intermediary with the Infinite Creative Self. It is the method through which the Celestial Father stimulates continuously, unceasingly, the evolution on the personal level of the entity, the level of the unit of the family, the level of the larger communities, the level of a community of the size of a civilization. It is also the method of work of the Father when on the level of a civilization one carries out the corrections by the intermediary of another civilization of higher status. The bond between the Infinite Collective Creative Self and the collective self of a civilization of status 9 is direct, bi-univocal and continual. From these civilizations towards civilizations of the other levels of development, the transmission of information and energies is made as feedback. The Creative Father also established the direct bond between the Infinite Creative Common Self and the common self of a civilization where it will act. The bond between the Infinite Creative Common Self and the common self of a civilization is continual but not univocal. The bi-univocal level of bond is established between the common self of a civilization of higher status and the common self of the civilization located at another level of development. The explanation for the bonds on the level of personal self and collective or common self was made so that you understand the continual method of work and the continual care of the Father for each one amongst you. All the concepts defined in the other laws have as method of work what one communicated to you in this law of personal self and of collective self. This law is the tool in the hand of the Father to sustain you and work with you in a continual and constant way.

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