The Law of Harmony and Divine Creation
(Law 7)

The Virgin Mary:

     My children, the Sage Entity of the Father will transmit for people of the Earth and other civilizations of this status the LAW OF HARMONY AND DIVINE CREATION. For your best comprehension, one can say that it is the method used by the Holy Spirit of the Father to act on Divine Creation and it is also the method through which the Father creates via the Holy Spirit. Wise Entity of the Father: The Law of Harmony and the Divine Creation of the Father is the law through which the Celestial Father creates in the places where Its Creative Spirit will appear, as direct demonstration in the matter which will become alive. One defines as "place of creation" of the Father the place where, because of the reduction in Relative Dynamic Balance up to a value smaller than that established for the respective place as harmony of the Celestial Father, it is necessary to implement in the material a new fragment of Personal Self of the Celestial Father, to rectify this place. The reduction in Relative Dynamic Balance in a certain place can be due to the entities of the respective place which do not live by respecting the laws of the divine harmony and it can also be due to a negative power consumption of the respective zone. In that moment there, the intervention of the Creative Celestial Father in a zone of Its interior becomes necessary, in accordance with the law of Relative Dynamic Balance and to the law of Vibrational Relativity. In that moment there, on the level of Collective Self of the Wise Entities of the Father, one decides to ask the Celestial Father to descend a fragment from His Personal Uncreated Manifested Self in the material and the matter which will be filled with information on the level of this place.

     A quantum of energy necessary to delimit the space of vibrational relativity where the Personal Self will go down will be allocated. After this delimitation follows an increase in the energy of the respective place through quantity; the energy quantum is directly emitted from the level of the Town of Gold towards the respective zone. At same time, through Relative Dynamic Balance and by the descent of Personal Self in this place, one implements the law of love and the direct bond with the Celestial Father for all the period of existence of this place, by personal self of the respective place. The implementation of Personal Self brings the increase in the density of the light in this place. One makes then the correction of the density of the light, the correction of the relativity of the light, in such a way that the place of creation expresses the density of the light necessary for this place. Then there is the descent of the components of the Holy Spirit of the Father, who gives birth to life in the place of creation. The forms of life of this place of creation are established by the Collective Self of Wise Entities of the Father, at the moment when the decision of creation is made. The decision comprises all the details necessary concerning the place and the beings which will live in this place of creation of the Father. The descent of the Holy Spirit in all Its manifested components determines the condensation and the structuring of the matter in the specific forms of life for this place of creation of the Father. The forms of life are in conformity with the Relative Dynamic Balance of the respective place and they are also in conformity with the vibrational relativity of the place compared to the Celestial Father. Once the Holy Spirit has descended on this place, the specific entities which will create this place appear too; they are the emissaries of creation of the Father and they are coordinated by the archangel Gabriel who brings the information and the decision of the Father to create in this place. At the time of the "word", i.e. at the time when the decision of the Father - decision taken through His Wise Entities - is communicated in the place of creation, it is the beginning of the structuring of the matter and condensation around Personal Self descended from the Celestial Father. Then, the instantaneous implementation of the Holy Spirit is made via the archangel Gabriel and then the creation of the Father at the established level starts to live. During all the time of realization of this work, one maintains a Relative Dynamic Balance higher than that necessary for this place. It is maintained at this value until the complete stabilization of information and energies in the matter of the Father in the place of creation. The Law of Harmony and the Divine Creation shows you how the laws of the harmony are interlaced and how all the laws that were transmitted to you until now represent a unity under one law, the Law of Harmony and Divine Creation. At the time when harmony is established, the component of the Holy Spirit which transmits love and which establishes the link of the Celestial Father with the life created makes its appearance; therefore, if you want, there is still an additional bond of the Celestial Father with the life created in this place. From this moment, the direct circuits of the Creative Father are also established inside of Him. It should be understood that the places of creation are places which belong to the Interior of the Celestial Father; nothing exists apart from Him. The Celestial Father wishes to show you in a simple way the method of creation of life and implementation of His Creative Personal Self in the matter that represents the materialized Thought Shape of the Celestial Father by his descent in the material and which represents building block from which the Celestial Father creates entities and creates life. The descent of the information of the Celestial Father and the determination of condensation around Personal Self and around the information which It contains are, indeed, a simple method of creation of the Father and implementation of His Concept in the matter. In conclusion, the descent of the Concept of the Father, "Word" in the matter - which represents, for your comprehension, the Body of the Celestial Father - with the life brought by the Holy Spirit, the union of these three components have given birth to life, to living incarnated entities. This is the way the word life should be understood. I tested explained you the things which, actually, occur in complexity and the mystery from the Celestial Father. I tried for your comprehension, with the wish of the Celestial Father, to summarize infinite Creation in a finite manner. I proceeded in the same way with the other laws, but I want to render them comprehensible to you, because by understanding the beginning of the mechanism of these laws and Creation, you will be able to become creators yourselves. It is that which the Creative Father awaits from you, as a civilization recently accepted at the level of the ages of the Beneficial Skies of the Father.

     The Virgin Mary: My children, I want to say to you that the Wise Entity of the Father expressed these laws in a simple manner, easy for you to understand. The cycle of transmission is closed today. The great union of energies and creative information of the Father with the matter of the Father, i.e., in your design, the union of Yin with Yang determines the creation of life. You have named them Yin and Yang, we name it Creative Information of the Father and Creative Matter of the Father. The union between these two, in the presence and with the assistance of the Holy Spirit determines the creation of life. Retain well, my children, you cannot become creators as long as your intellect and your body will not be a single thing under the coordination and in the Holy presence of the mind of the Father descended in you by Personal Self and by your soul. The moment these three components that you have are united by the same goal you become creators. It is the moment when, like Jesus said to you, you take the first step for the multiplication of talents, you take the first step to be present at the Wedding of the Husband. At this point in time you are prepared for the Wedding with the Husband when these three components which you have are one. That is why Jesus, on Earth, explained to you that He is "the Way, and the Truth, and Life". The Way represents information and creative energies, the Truth represents the creative matter, and the Life represents the Holy Spirit which unites the two others. Jesus explained this to you in several of the parabolas that He left behind. Then, when realizing that you do not understand, He said to you at the time of His departure: "Love one another as I loved you". It is because the manifestation of the law of love will determine in you the union of these three principles I spoke about. I believe that now you understand us, my children. It is necessary that this information takes roots in you, and with time, constructive questions will arise and they will lead to a more thorough knowledge of these laws.

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